Science and Environment

David Buckland at Rich Mix

Climate Is Culture! The Cape Farewell SWITCH competition

Poetry seems to be happening at Big Heart Media this


Swansea Tidal Lagoon

The work we’ve been doing with Swansea Tidal Lagoon and

Swansea Tidal Lagoon

Swansea Expedition

As part of the work with Cape Farewell and The

Dave Miller and Students at the Saltmarsh, Gibraltar Point


speakgreen short Here’s the short  speakgreen film. The speakgreen project

Stem Futures

STEM Futures

Big Heart created drama and documentary content for the Nuffield STEM Futures project – a cross curricular course which applies Science Technology Engineering and Maths skills to creating a working planet for the future.

Nuffield Bursaries

Nuffield Bursaries

The Nuffield Foundation wanted a film that profiled their Bursaries Scheme, where A level students studying science get to experience real science in universities.

Get Loopy

Get Loopy

A short ‘Think Piece’ for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, broadly articulating the principles of the circular economy.

Day 9, Cape Farewell Youth Expedition 2008. Photo: Robert van Waarden

Cape Farewell

Big Heart has been a key part of the Cape Farewell initiative since its inception in 2003, when the company was chosen to document the maiden voyage of the ‘cultural response to climate change’.



Speakgreen is a Cape Farewell Education project which helps young people explore the human demand on the earth’s ecosystem, focusing on the effects of climate change in the East Midlands and in particular in Lincolnshire.

Japanese School

Japan Science

This film explores the current climate in Japan, by talking to science teachers and pupils at Tokyo Tech ‘Super Science High School’…