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Roger McGough reading for Poetryline


Over the last few years Big Heart have been filming

Becoming Outstanding Webpage

Becoming Outstanding

Becoming Outstanding is an interactive learning experience based on the TV series From Good To Outstanding.

Roger McGough

CLPE Poetry

The CLPE – the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education – is creating an on-line library of videos featuring some of the country’s best known Children’s poets and writers; aiming to engage school children. Big Heart has been filming readings and interviews with these legends.

Day 9, Cape Farewell Youth Expedition 2008. Photo: Robert van Waarden

Cape Farewell

Big Heart has been a key part of the Cape Farewell initiative since its inception in 2003, when the company was chosen to document the maiden voyage of the ‘cultural response to climate change’.

Gridclub website


An animated short created to promote the Gridclub site on primetime Channel 4. it features a lighting tour through the online Gridclub world by characters Fizz, Buzz, Shelley and Boris.



Based on true events, this is the story of singer-songwriter Ben Okafor’s experiences as a child soldier and refugee during the Biafran War of independence.

Recorder Magic Interactive

Recorder Magic Interactive

Recorder Magic Interactive is an innovative music teaching tool for use by whole classes, small groups and individuals.



Designed for 9-13s to access independently, BOOKBOX provides unique access to the UK’s foremost children’s authors, poets and illustrators.