About Big Heart

Broadcast and interactive media for education

Documentary making for Teachers' TV

What We Can Do For You

  • Plan, shoot and edit films for broadcast and the web
  • Design and create interactive media with an educational focus
  • Provide film-making workshops for young people
  • Mentor individual young film-makers and provide facilities

Who We Are

Big Heart Media was created by Colin Izod in 1998. It’s first series for Channel 4 was Music Search – a 10 part music education series for 4 Learning. Since then we have continued to make really interesting documentaries, dramas and interactive media; in the Arctic with Cape Farewell and the British Council; in Cuba and Japan for Teachers TV; and all over the UK.

We are a small company with an extensive range of freelance skills to call on – directors, camera & sound crew, editors, graphic designers, web programmers, composers and illustrators. We also have strong contacts in education particularly in Music and Arts, English and Media and Science and Environmental Education.

Our partners and clients include Ellen MacArthur Foundation, British Council, Arts Council, Channel 4, Pearson Education, Disney, Nuffield Foundation and Creative Partnerships among others.


We have recently installed a new High Definition AVID Media Composer 6 Edit suite which is available for hire. Rates by negotiation – typically £500 per week. We also have an Avid Express Pro DV CAM edit suite and a full range of professional sound and camera equipment, including a set of 10 HD Flip Cams for workshops.